PDQ 44 Antares Listings
Presented by Rhumb Line Yacht Sales

PDQ 44 AntaresBelow are current listings of PDQ 44 Antares sailing catamarans that are for sale.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request about any of the listed boats or if you had a question regarding future sales and contracts not currently listed.

PDQ Antares 42 s/v Starlightfor sale2002 PDQ ANTARES 42 - $385,000 - reduced

A rare find to have a PDQ/Antares on the West Coast! Starlight has lived 1/2 her life in East Coast waters before being shipped out to the Long Beach area. She has been used as a weekend boat for the last several years so her hours are low! If an Antares 44 is in your future, don't overlook Starlight. The only difference between the 42 and the 44 are 2' in the transom stairs. There are no interior changes between the two!

Start living your dream...Starlight might be the perfect option for you! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

PDQ Antares 42 s/v Koa Kai for sale2002 PDQ ANTARES 42 - $349,000 - reduced

Koa Kai is an unbelievable opportunity for someone looking to get into the popular PDQ/Antares family. This is hull #1 and she is in fantastic shape. She has the same layout below as the current Antares 44s, and is designed for true liveabaord comfort. The 2-foot difference is only seen in the aft transom steps at the waterline. Her owners have taken impeccable care of her and it shows! 

Koa Kai has everything you'd need to start cruising right away! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO