PDQ 41 Power Catamaran Listings
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PDQ 41 PowercatBelow are current listings of PDQ 41 power catamarans that are for sale.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request about any of the listed boats or if you had a question regarding future sales and contracts not currently listed.

PDQ 41 Simba for sale

2007 PDQ 41 - SIMBA- $489,000

Simba is a fantastic combination of great design, excellent maintenance, cruising comfort and phenomenal performance. She will be a great choice for the next owner! Currently in Portsmouth, NH, Simba will be traveling South and stopping to participate in Trawlerfest in Baltimore. She will be on display September 25-28. After the show, if not sold, she will continue her trek South to Stuart, FL where she will spend the winter.

The performance of the 41’ has exceeded all expectations. With the very smooth and quiet 260 hp Yanmar engines (actually built by BMW) she cruises at a very comfortable 18knts burning 12gph. She has a top speed (fully loaded) of 25.5knts and for the very fuel conscious; at 7 knts she only consumes 2gph. She is also one of the quietest 41’ twin diesel yachts you will ever experience.

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For Sale - PDQ 41 The Hye Life2007 PDQ 41 - THE HYE LIFE- $489,000

Having just arrived in Stuart, Florida, The Hye Life has been fully detailed, compounded and waxed. The Hye Life has been professionally maintained and she shows it. Her systems are all in perfect working order. Just load your personal belongings and off you go!

The benefits of a catamaran are well known and the PDQ 41 is one of the most highly engineered cruising catamarans available today that accentuates all of those benefits.. Shallow draft, low fuel consumption, lots of living space, enormous storage spaces, and a remarkably smooth ride in offshore sea conditions make her the leader in cruising yachts.

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